Configured accessory equipment

Water circulating System    More
For water circulating system,we can provide customers with different water cooling plans with closed loop design,including closed loop cooling tower or plate heat exchanger.
Hydraulic  System    More
Hydraulic pump station is design to tilt furnace with full load. It is composed of hydraulic pump and driving motor,emergency pump, motor starter, hydraulic fluid tank, filter at return and pump inlet, Anti-overflow device.
Hydaulic Operated Vortex Fume Hood or Fume Ring(click here to watch video)     video1      video2     More  
Several different style of fume extraction hoods with lid have an ideal effect of energy saving and environmental protection.
Lining push-out Mechanism   More
In order to push out lining conveniently, reduce work intensity and improve efficiency, XinYan provides customers with automatic lining push-out mechanism.
Remote operating panel
Remote operator panel is used to operate and control melting system when power supply put underneath platform.
The operator can use remote panel to start, stop, reset, and output power adjustment on the furnace platform.
Power supply equipped with a melt-manager, which is mainly composed of an PLC and HMI.  Functions includes: automatic sintering, cold start, fault diagnosis, fault message storage and display, system running data display, and system status display etc..
Safety Guard Protection
Furnace is equipped with Safety Guard Protection, during furnace tilting process, it automatically rises up to form a protection shield, prevent people falling down. It will insure operator’s safety on the platform. The protection shield is integrated into furnace design with delicate structure; it combines the features of safe, reliable, strong, durable and elegant.
Weighing system with Load cell
According customer’s requirement,weighing system can be installed underneath furnaces,feedbacks the data of metal weight to PLC at operating panel, and further displays on touch panel(HMI), so the weight of the molten metal can be shown on the screen conveniently and straightforwardly, it provides the ease to operators for adjusting composition and arranging production, automatic melting is also achievable.
Output bus bar
Bus bar material is 99.9% pure copper after electrolysis process. Bus bar assembly connects power supply with furnace leads. All bus bar are cut, bended and assembled inside manufacturing facility (for ease of transportation, they might be divided into two sections). Standard bus bar length is 5 meters for melting application.
Water Cooled leads
Water cooled leads are used for connection between furnace and bus bar. Fire-retardant, non-conductive hose and both connection ends are top quality imported product. Water cooled leads are installed and come in from the side or back of furnace, to make sure they move as less as possible when furnace tilts, so a longer, durable, reliable  service life can be expected.