Configured accessory equipment

XinYan has several kinds of water cooling plan to meet customer’s needs. (contract us)
Our water circuiting system has all closed loop water cooling plans according to customer’s requirements,including using closed loop cooling tower or plate of heat exchanger.
Cooling system for power supply and furnace can be a unit, it also can be divided into two parts and deliver heat of power supply and furnace respectively.
Closed loop water system has its independent water pump station,closed loop cooling tower or plate heat exchanger with the meterial of copper and stainless steel tube used for the internal circulating.
Water pump station is designed to deliver required flow to cool down  power supply and furnace, including cooling all the bus bar and water cooled leads.
Closed loop water circulating pump station includes the following parts:
Steel frame, dual stainless steel water pump, water-proof driving motor, expansion tank for adjusting system pressure to tolerate the effect of water temperature change, lost pressure alarm and automatic pump switch-over circuit, all non-ferrous internal piping. All the valves are stainless steel or brass alloy.  
Electrical control box come with power switch, pump and fan starter, fuses protection, pump manual selector switch, temperature control circuit, and signal indicator etc..