Open steel frame furnace

Open steel frame furnace includes:open frame furnace shell and stanchion, lid assembly with lift and swing cylinders, furnace tilting cylinders, induction coil, shunts, carbon free non-conductive hose, top and bottom refractory castable, complete set of inlet and outlet manifolds with SS clamp, wall manifolds etc. cylinder is designed according to using water-glycol as hydraulic medium.
The main parts of open steel frame furnace are illustrated below:
a)  Open frame steel shell and stanchion, easy to maintain and for daily service. Large “H” shape steel or square steel tube fabricates the basic steel structure of furnace; the overall structure is simple and strong. Max tilt angle is 95 degree.
b)  Refractory rammed furnace platform for better protection on furnace, and furnace platform will not be distorted by ruff environment and operation.
c)  Welded steel structure with well-designed support and clamp to hold coil and shunts in position. Top section of furnace cab be easily disassembled, provides ease to access and replace coil.
d)   Stanchion — heavy duty steel structure at both sides, provides the strong support for the furnace body and the center point for hydraulic tilt. Front pivot points are offset upwards and outwards to insure a relatively fixed pouring line when spout moves.
e)  Induction coil is made of durable, high strength, Oxygen-free copper tube. Active and cooling sections are wound with continuous single winding, no division between sections. Segment is put between adjacent turns in a staggering way. Coil is very well insulated, coil become a strong, complete solid body after applying a complete spray of  insulation paint. Coil is clamped and held by steel structure from top and bottom, so has a strong solid structure, no distortion problem will occur. Proper designed number of turns insures a good electrical efficiency. Multi-water paths supply the cooling water to the coil, flow is shared evenly between paths.
f)  Shunt bolts assemblies apply force evenly over the length of shunts,and provide a holding force against coil, to insure a longer service life of lining. Several groups of shunts are tightened by mechanism assembly in a strong and reliable way, they are easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to access, adjust, and maintain.Shunts are evenly located along coil outer circumference. Superior insulation materials are used between shunts and coil. Shunts use water cooling. The cooling tube on shunts, if any, are high strength, pure copper.
g)  Leakage detector is an important part of the leakage protection system. It can indicate melting iron is grounded to ensure safety of operators.
Lining push-out mechanism is installed at furnace bottom, so push-out cylinder can hook on mechanism to push out lining. It is easy to install and convenient to operate.