If you want to know about XinYan and her aesthetics & practical products, withness the entire process of XinYan’s growth, just go with us to enter the multimedia world to feel and experience it .

3D Induction furnace and pouring system video


Vacuum induction furnace video

Animation displays compositon and basic reference layout of medium frequency induction melting system comprehensively and intuitively. All equipments in demo are from the prototype of XinYan industry project design which is a so called “one power supply/two furnances”medium frequency induction system,of which the power supply has a dual output design. This demo displays the features of XinYan’s products intuitively.

Animation demo

Automatic pouring system video

XinYan’s products win customer’s recognition by its stable system performance, excellent melting index and consumption specification. In this film,we show you three typical productive sences of buyer’s site,including 12000kW,30T induction melting system, 7000kW,15T induction system and 4500kW,6T “one power supply/two furnace” inducting system with the power supply which has a dual output design.