Spare parts

Spare parts ——Stable and continuous Spare parts for your devise, let you have nothing to worry about.

We use high - quality raw materials,famous brand components and supplier for our induction melting and heating system, so 100% original quality components can be guaranteed.
Based on service,we provide customers with reasonable price system of spare parts.
Ample spare parts storage in Shanghai to ensure general spare parts can be sent off within 24 hours. 
What is more,you can enjoy the personnal delivery service in case of emergency.
We provide quality guarantee of spare parts produced by ourselves.
Meanwhile, for the important parts such as oil, shunts and induction furnace,we provide maintenance service. Components can reach the technology index and standard used for the minted product.
If you think the present charge for melting system spare parts is too high, please contract us. We provide sapre parts with 100% compatibility, including debugging of main control board and after sale service.