Our technology

Coil technology
One continuous tube wound up in a solid body, no divided sections, highly reliable. Coil material use OFHC with highest standard and top quality insulation paint., so a long service life of coil can be expected.
Generally speaking,for common coil design,problems are easy to occure as following;
1、Furnace lining can not be pushed out normally because of coil distortion.
2、The strength of coil, especially the middle part, is not enough,which result in serious distortion.
3、Short circuit between coil occurs frequently since the coil has not enough insulation.
Our coil design can eliminate the defects above, so stronger, more reliable and durable coil can be provided to our customers.

Furnace technology
Open frame steel shell and stanchion, easy to maintain and for daily service. Large “H” shape steel or square steel tube fabricates the basic steel structure of furnace; the overall structure is simple and strong.
It includes:open frame furnace shell and stanchion, lid assembly with lift and swing cylinders, furnace tilting cylinders, induction coil, shunts, carbon free non-conductive hose, top and bottom refractory castable, complete set of inlet and outlet manifolds with SS clamp, wall manifolds etc. cylinder is designed according to using water-glycol as hydraulic medium.
Refractory rammed furnace platform for better protection on furnace, and furnace platform will not be distorted by ruff environment and operation.
Power supply technology
Computer aided induction melting system design, insure an accurate coil and system parameters,further a wide load matching range.
Digital electronic control, all signal transferred through optical fiber. Has high anti-noise capability, and a more stable system.
12 pulses firing board, current automatic balancing. Soft starting to prevent the inrush to the power supply. As an fast electronic switch, shut off the power supply under fault situation.
Power supply, with series tank and dual output design, connects with two furnaces to form the melting system so called “one power supply / two furnaces”. Two furnaces can run at the same time, one is melting while the other holding. Total power can be shared between two furnaces at any required level.
Power supply with a fully open rectifier design, so high power factor and minimum harmonics achieved.
Power supply is equipped with both differential current and DC injection leakage detection alarm circuit,which are stable and reliable.It is also equipped with a melt-manager, which is mainly composed of an PLC and HMI.  Functions includes: automatic sintering, cold start, fault diagnosis, fault message storage and display, system running data display, and system status display etc..