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Patent for utility model | Hot metal transfer dump truck

At present, the metallurgical industry has completely changed the traditional operation mode in order to realize the automatic transfer of molten iron, such as the automatic pickup, transportation, dumping and return of molten iron.
Automatic unmanned operation, 24 hours three shift system continuous production, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, the greatest degree of cost reduction and efficiency.
The tipping truck of molten iron transfer is an essential part of the intelligent dumping of molten iron for the purpose of molten iron transfer.
The dump truck can automatically, quickly and accurately move to the designated position to dump the molten iron.
When the molten iron is dumped, the real-time weight of molten iron can be fed back automatically, which can effectively eliminate human error and meet the application requirements of industrial production process control.

Disadvantages of prior art:
At present, in the molten iron transfer system, the dumping of molten iron is mainly judged by manual observation, which depends on the experience of workers, and the operation is slightly improper, which is easy to produce safety accidents.
Moreover, the whole process of molten iron transport cannot be intelligentized because of low efficiency.
Advantages of the invention:
Hot metal transfer dump truck can automatically pick up hot metal bag, move to a designated position to dump hot metal, real-time feedback of the weight of hot metal, according to the feedback automatic control of the dumping speed, automatically stop when the specified weight.
Safe and high degree of automation, high precision, instead of the traditional truck lift or manual forklift transport operation mode, manpower liberation, safe operation.