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Customer site | medium frequency induction melting system

The customer sent a message from the site. Two sets  5-ton medium frequency induction melting system have been put into use steadily. The equipment operates normally on site with excellent performance indicators.
In the newly built workshop, we can see that the medium frequency induction melting system has been installed, and the debugging and linkage debugging have also been completed. Several large intelligent machines are roaring, and the workers operate efficiently and smoothly strictly in accordance with the melting, molding casting, sand treatment and post-treatment process. At present, reducer housing, control valve housing, valve body bracket and other six products of eight templates have been trial production.
The application scenarios of the project include intelligent valve body series for precision casting products, hydraulic source series for aviation instruments, gearbox series, brake series, robot series, engine crankshaft, machine tool accessories and other products. Medium frequency induction melting system is a key part of the production process.
XINYAN ’s medium frequency induction melting system integrates multi-directional technical characteristics, and has its own unique technical advantages to ensure efficient operation of production.