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Xinyan India “2016 IFEX EXPO”

January 31, 2016, 12th International Exhibition on Foundry was ended in the Codissia Tradefair Complex, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, INDIA! Exhibition halls at a gross exhibition area of over, participation 360 exhibitors from 12 countries involved in metallurgy, steel, foundry industry ,and group participation from China, Italy &Germany. Mr Li ,Xinyan company GM, led sales team attend the exhibition, open new markets to our induction melting and  heating machine.

Exhibition Booth

This exhibition adopted Chinese red mass-tone, attracted audience eye, attracted a lot of intention client and audience to stop browsing and discussion. In Xinyan company venues, high quality products and quality really caught client ‘s eye.

Technical Director John explain 
working principle for college student visitors

In the three-day exhibition , Xinyan show one set,1500KW, 300HZ,medium frequency dual output power supply. Full digital control circuit, all signal transmitted through fiber optic cable. The system is very stable with high resistant to interferences,  is a leading international level.

Reception visitors

As the 12th international exhibition on foundry of India's successful ending, believe that the Xinyan industry will be more on a floor, into a new stage of development.